Private Pilot (Airplane) Minimum Requirements – Part 61

40 Hours of Total Flight Time – Must Include:

20 hours flight time with a Certified Flight Instructor, CFI including:

  • 3 hours of cross country flight training – 50 NM or more from Home.
  • 3 hours of simulated instrument training.
  • 3 hours of night flight training (including 1 night cross country flight – 100 NM round trip and 10 night landings to full stop).
  • 3 hours of test prep completed within 60 days of flight test.

10 hours of solo flight time including:

  • 5 hours of solo cross country flying – 150 NM with 3 landings.
  • 3 solo take offs and landings to a full stop at control tower airport.

Additional Requirements

  • Must be at least 17 years of age (16 to solo).
  • Obtain a third class medical.
  • Receive ground training from a certified instructor or take a home study course and receive an instructor sign off.
  • Pass the FAA written exam.
  • Pass the FAA flight exam.

Note: the times listed above are the required minimum. Most students receive their PPL with 50 – 70 hours of flight time. Completion varies with each individual’s ability to learn and the frequency of flight training.

For additional information

Private Pilot Certificate Checklist

Private Pilot Certificate Checklist