The mission of the Eastern Slope Aviation Academy is to:

Maintain a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Education Foundation to provide education and mentoring for Mount Washington Valley and Western Maine students and residents regarding career opportunities in the field of aviation.

The Academy will do this by providing financing, volunteers, facilities and resources dedicated to educating the youth of Mount Washington Valley in the areas of aeronautical and aviation sciences.

The primary focus is to encourage and foster, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills for:

  • Regional middle and high schools.
  • Community colleges.
  • Four-year colleges and universities.
  • Adults who are interested in developing skills sets in the above disciplines.


Since adequate role models, resources and mentors are minimally available in the MWV and Western Maine, the Aviation Academy envisions connecting interested young people with resources obtained through the Academy and other sources. Including (but not limited to):

  • Help in adopting the Aircraft Pilots and Owner’s Association (AOPA) STEM Aviation Curriculum in local high schools.
  • Adopt a Mechanics/Avionics Technician training program in conjunction with Mount Washington Valley School to Career Technical Center) for those youth bound for technical school.
  • Provide career counseling to those interested in a career in the airlines, general aviation or military aviation.
  • Provide programs and lectures in aviation safety, rusty pilot renewal, aircraft building and maintenance, aviation weather, etc.
  • Provide an opportunity and resources to obtain a sport pilot, private pilot, drone pilot or aviation mechanic license prior to graduation from high school.
  • Provide an out of service aircraft for training young people in the basic principals of aircraft mechanics, electronics, maintenance and construction.
  • Providing airworthy aircraft for flight training.
  • Promote women in aviation in conjunction with the local chapter of The Ninety-Nines, a women’s aviation organization.
  • Support the local summer aviation camp sponsored by the MWV School to Career.