Flight Instruction & Flight Time

Our Cessna 150M training aircraft is ready for instruction and use by members. You must complete a check ride from one of our CFIs and read/sign the operating rules and agreement.

Please email [email protected] for scheduling check rides, instruction, or flight time.

Spring 2024 Private Pilot Ground School

  • Saturdays – March 23rd to May 11th
  • 8:30am to 1:30pm each day

Fryeburg Academy Library Conference Room
Fryeburg, Maine


Ed Bergeron, AGI


Participants must be Academy Members (join ESAvAc). Academy membership is $100 for students (18 and under) and $300 for adults, per year. Note: Student Academy membership and tuition may be paid by your school, check with them first.

$275 (course only) | $395 (publications included)

Sign Up

Email [email protected] for more info. If you're already an Academy member, you can make a payment to sign up.

Info & Reference Material

This course is intended for all students who plan to take the FAA Private Pilot Exam as part of the pursuit of a Private Pilot License.

Ground School can be done either before beginning flight training or concurrently with flight training. The recommended minimum age for ground school is 15 years old. This assumes that a student will take the FAA Private Pilot written exam within a short period of time following completion of ground school. The results of the exam are good for two years. A student who begins flight training at 15 years old may solo on their 16th birthday but can’t take the PPL check flight and oral exam until their 17th birthday.

This is an intense/condensed effort to present all the topics needed to pass the FAA written exam. Topics include: Aeronautical Decision-Making, Aircraft Construction, Principles of Flight, Aerodynamics of Flight, Aircraft Systems, Flight Instruments, Weight and Balance, Aircraft Performance, Aviation Weather, Airport Operations, Airspace, Navigation and Aeromedical Factors. Quizzes will be given weekly with emphasis on passing the FAA written exam. A final practice FAA Exam will be given at the last class.

Highschool level math and physics are helpful but not required. Ability to read maps and charts and read and write English is required. Serious student commitment to class attendance and outside assignments is required.

Spring 2024 Ground School Payment

Future Seminars

We have had interest in an Instrument Ground School, Mountain Flying workshops, and Rusty Pilots. We will be developing the details for them and, hopefully, they’ll be ready for spring and summer 2022.