Flight Instruction & Flight Time

Our Cessna 150M training aircraft is ready for instruction and use by members. You must complete a check ride from one of our CFIs and read/sign the operating rules and agreement.

Please email instruction@easternslopeaviationacademy.org for scheduling check rides, instruction, or flight time.

Private Pilot Ground School

Fall Private Pilot Ground School runs from October 8th to December 10th, 2022 on Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 12:30. All classes will be at the Aviation Academy classroom at KIZG. Fee is $275. If you are interested please email fly@easternslopeaviationacademy.org.

Future Seminars

We have had interest in an Instrument Ground School, Mountain Flying workshops, and Rusty Pilots. We will be developing the details for them and, hopefully, they’ll be ready for spring and summer 2022.