Please complete this secure registration form to become a member of the Eastern Slope Aviation Academy. If you have any questions, have problems with the form, or would like a paper/PDF version, please contact us.

Online Membership Registration

Annual Membership Fee

  • Student - $100
  • Adult - $300

Includes 1 hour of simulator time (instructor not included) per month for new members (first year) only.

Anyone utilizing any Academy resource (sim, instructor, aircraft, facility, etc.) must first become a member in good standing. This is considered an admin fee and can't be applied to the use of any assets (beyond the first year's inclusion of 1 hour sim time per month).

Red Bird TD2 Simulator (FTD - Flight Training Device) Fees

  • $45/hour plus instructor (rate TBD).
  • Block of 5 hours paid in advance: $200 (save $25).
  • Instructor charge to be $55/hour or less to keep logable sim time at $100/hour or less. Actual CFI flight time may be more to reflect CFI needs and current market.

Fllight & Instruction

  • Flight (rental or instruction) in C 150: $110/hour
  • Flight instruction, CFI: $65/hour

Fees & Dues Notes

  • Dues and fees are not refundable. Prepaid fees may be transferred to another member in good standing.
  • Board members may utilize the FTD at no cost when available and use presents no scheduling conflict (instructor not included).