It is time for another update, and this one is a good one! On May 21st, Noah Keefe, a Kennett HS Junior, successfully completed his first solo flight. He hopes to complete and obtain his Private Pilot’s License before he graduates! This is the second solo of many more to come, and it is a great honor. Just in time, starting Monday May 23rd, Eastern Slope Aviation Academy is hosting two Fryeburg Academy May Term classes, a Careers in Aviation and an Advanced Aviation class. The former will consist of speakers and tours to show just how many careers there are in the aviation industry, and to get students thinking about their future. The latter will be more specific towards pilots and is a certified ground school where students can get signed off to do their FAA Knowledge Exam!

 Along with all the academic opportunities, EsAvAc has reserved a spot in the production line of a Vashon Ranger R7, which will hopefully start in the fall. Delivery is expected in December or January 2023. This 2-seat aircraft will be very similar to the current C150 that the Academy operates, so it won’t be a huge leap for any current students.  However, it will be roomier and have a glass cockpit rather than traditional instruments. In the meantime, the Grumman restoration project is coming along, The paint has been stripped off most of the fuselage. Stripping work has begun on the wings and other parts. Six students have been working hard every Saturday to rebuild the Grumman, four from the KHS Mount Washington Valley Career Tech Center, one student from Fryeburg Academy, and one adult learner! Saturday Grumman work will end when school ends in a few weeks. Informal work groups will continue during the summer and officially resume when classes do in September.

This summer is going to be big for the Academy, many new students are looking into the possibility of learning to fly, and we are hoping many more find their passion in aviation! Happy flying!

Be sure to check out the 2022 Prepare for Takeoff event page, taking place on August 27th!