Being well into October, it is time for another update.

We have seen increased activity and a wide range of students eager to get into the C 150 and fly! Currently, there are 29 EsAvAc members and, about 15 are actively participating in flying lessons, along with daily inquiries from people interested in getting their pilot’s license. Many students are on their way to being able to solo, a few only weeks out. Others have already done cross-countries with their CFI and are practicing cross-country planning and problem solving. In conjunction with our students in the air, we are providing our Redbird TD2 Flight Simulator to the Kennett High School aviation program, which includes 8 KHS sophomores. Joe Riddensdale, their instructor, received a $10,000 AOPA Learn to Fly scholarship, and he is actively participating in flight lessons and ground school.

The Private Pilot Ground school is well into its syllabus and is working very well for the 8 students involved. They are preparing to take the FAA Private Pilot Exam after a practice test during mid-December to make sure they have everything down. They get to engage in hands-on activities to learn and refine their knowledge on everything about aviation. Just the other day (October 19th) the students learned exactly how to weigh and balance the C 150!

Speaking of C 150s, ours has been working perfectly for students and is due to go in for its annual inspection and will be out of service from November 1st-12th. Luckily, Eric Meltzer, a board member, is leasing out his C 172 to replace the C 150 while its out. We will be installing new avionics and safety equipment during this annual. Most notably, an ADS-B Transponder Out, a 4 Point seatbelt harness, new transponder, EsAvAc exterior decals (courtesy of Ed Bergeron), and even GPS! These upgrades will allow for more practical training and aid students during their cross-country flights. The C 150 is excellent, but we are still searching for an additional four seating aircraft. To no avail, we have been unable to secure one for a reasonable price. Hopefully, the airplane market will cool down in the coming months!

Finally, some news on our next program. It will most likely be a Rusty Pilot refresher course, and it will take place around late winter or early spring of 2022. More info will be provided as we move closer to these programs, so stay tuned for that.

Andrew Matarese, Duty Officer