This is the news members have been waiting for! Today we insured the Cessna 150M training aircraft and it is ready for instruction and use by members once you receive a check ride from one of our CFIs and read and sign the operating rules and agreement. Schedule instruction and make payment through the website. Email [email protected]. If you are not a member and would like to join you can do it on the website too.

Private Pilot Ground School

Ground school for AvAc members will start on Tuesday September 7th and continue every Tuesday for 14 weeks. Class will meet from 6 – 9 PM at the AvAc Classroom at KIZG. Class will be taught by one of our CFIs and will cost $250. Contact Ed Bergeron via [email protected] for a syllabus and list of materials needed. Limit of 14 students. The Red Bird simulator will be used for instruction as needed.

Aviation Weather Seminar

This seminar will cover everything you need to know about aviation weather and how it will affect your go/no go decisions and flying. It will be taught by Eric Hill and held on two weekends October 16/17 and October 23/24 for a half day 8:30 AM until noon. Cost will be $150 per student. Limit of 14 students.

Future Seminars

We have had interest in an Instrument Ground School and Mountain Flying workshops. We will be developing the details for them during the fall and early winter. Hopefully, they’ll be ready for spring and summer 2022.

Red Bird simulator

Several AvAc members are now using the simulator regularly. If you’d like to get checked out on the simulator so you can use it on your own, contact [email protected].

Grand Opening a Success!

Dispite the poor weather (we even had one IRF arrival) our Grand Opening on July 3rd, 2021 was deemed a success. We had student members from Kennett and Fryeburg return for a visit and signed up some new members.

Our Grumman aircraft was on display with tags describing all of the work needed to make the aircraft airworthy again. There was a lot of interest and several donations were received. The Grumman will be the primary project for AvAc members who are interested in aircraft mechanics.

Look for the first Saturday in July to become the date of our Annual Fund Raiser. Plans are already underway on how to make it bigger and better next year.